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Welcome to the Radical Center Organization Wiki,
a MediaWiki that logged-in users can edit.
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Did you know...

The old website remains, and it can be seen here.

We welcome all civil discourse and all Americans from any and all walks of life. Come, let us reason together, and build something that works for all of us, and that all of us can live with, and love.

We are not in any way affiliated with Fundamentalist Right-to-Life Christians pretending to Radical Centrism.

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We have migrated our site to MediaWiki software, so that interested persons may contribute.

Today's Featured Article

The Radical Center and the Radical Middle are somewhat different but overall are quite similar.

Both are so-called Third Way political philosophies. Neither will much embrace the so-called "Third Position" which tends to have unfortunate leanings towards anarchy or fascism.

Here is an article which contrasts and compares "Radical Center" and "Radical Middle". We are not responsible for the content of that article, but believe that it's generally accurate in an overall way.

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